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General Terms and Conditions

Cimaschool, Piazza Floriani 17, 39030 Valdaora.

Participation in the ski lessons organized by the School requires the understanding and the complete and unconditional acceptance of the conditions specified herein.

General Conditions of the Contract

1. Payment for Individual and Group Lessons

All lessons must be paid for in advance. Individual and group lessons of more than one day are to be considered a package offer at a single discounted price and must therefore be paid in advance; otherwise lessons will not be guaranteed.

2. Duration

Each lesson-hour is understood as having a duration of 55 minutes.

3. Arriving Late for and Cancelling Lessons

In the case that a student does not come to a lesson with an instructor or arrives late, he/she will not have the right to make up the lesson or to receive a reimbursement. Lessons can be cancelled by contacting the office of the Cimaschool by 6 p.m. of the day prior to the beginning of a lesson. If a lesson is cancelled in a timely manner, in the manner here described, the school may decide to issue a voucher for future lessons.

4. Closing of the Ski Facilities

In the case of partial closing of ski lifts (for any reason), lessons will not be reimbursed; rather, they will be moved to another ski slope that remains open. In the case of total closing of the ski lifts for a single day in a week of lessons, the lesson in question will not be made up or reimbursed, as the total price is considered a discounted package offer. Beginning with the second day of the total closure of the facilities, the cost of the lesson will be reimbursed by means of a voucher, which must be used by the same student during the current season. In certain cases the school may decide to reimburse the student.

5. Weather Conditions

Package lessons will not be made up or reimbursed even in the case of inclement weather.

6. Minors

Minors participating in lessons must be accompanied by a parent or a designated chaperone to the place specified by the school. In case of inclement weather, the parent or chaperone must decide if the minor will participate in the lesson. The parent or chaperone must also come to the specified place ten minutes prior to the end of the lesson to pick up the minor.

7. Protective Helmets for Minors below the Age of 14

Minors below the age of 14 are obliged to wear certified protective helmets. Without a helmet, minors will not be able to participate in the lessons.

8. Physical Fitness

In order to participate in the lessons organized by the Cimaschool, students must be in good physical condition and have a level of fitness that allows them to take part in all the activities involved in the lessons. Students are obliged to inform the school and their instructors as to any pathological physical condition that would prevent them from participating in a gym workout session (e.g., conditions relating to the heart, lungs, circulation, vision or nervous system), providing written documentation. They must also inform the school of any food allergies that would prevent them from consuming certain meals.

9. Reimbursements:

Reimbursements will be made only in case of illness, injury, which must be documented by means of a certificate issued by a doctor of the local Health Board or 24 hours before the course starts.

10. Final Provisions

For matters not expressly regulated by this contract recourse is made to the current Civil Code. Disagreements that relate either directly or indirectly to the lessons given by the Cimaschool will be brought before the Court of Bolzano.

Valdaora 26/11/2016

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