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New School

Freeride & Freestyle on the Plan de Corones

Slope Style – Freeriding – Halfpipe – Big Air – Skier Cross

Snow sports the new way: if it's fun, it's cool! Big Airs, Halfpipes, Quarterpipes, Slope Style, Big Mountain and Skier's Cross - these are the new competitive styles that you HAVE to know to be IN.

And young skiiers wear exactly the same wide-cut pants and jackets as style-conscious snowboarders.

"New Schoolers" prefer extremely short boards with slight tapering to execute Pipes and Big Air - and Twin Tips that also curve up at the back. Skis for the freeride zone on the other hand are relatively long at around 1.80m to 1.95m and also quite wide so that they don't sink into powder snow.

With private lessons possibile! Daily: 9.00am - 4:30pm


Hire & Service








Weather Gallery Video Events Webcam News Instagram


Hire, shop & registration

Piazza Floriani 17
I-39030 Valdaora di Mezzo (BZ)
Phone +39 0474 497190

Valley Station Valdaora/Gassl

Valley Station Valdaora/Gassl
I-39030 Valdaora (BZ)
Phone +39 0474 497216

Rally point Plan de Corones

Info, registration & rally point
on the summit of Plan de Corones
Phone +39 0474 530937

Colmar Marlene Südtirol Cima School Suedtirol Kronplatz Gold/Oro